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The Atrial Fibrillation Diet – Foods to Avoid

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) occurs when the normal rhythmic pumping of the upper chambers of the heart pulses, or fibrillates, at a fast or irregular rate. Avoiding or limiting certain foods can reduce your risk of an AFib episode. Read More

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Patients with ‘Resolved’ AFib Maintain Elevated Stroke Risk

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) should never be considered fully cured, according to a recent study in The BMJ, because patients with this designation carry higher risks of stroke and death compared to people who have never had the arrhythmia. This finding is especially relevant

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Most Important Factors in Considering In-home Monitoring for Afib

Ease of Use and High Quality ECGs Are Key “AfibAlert is easy to use and the fact that it is FDA-cleared for monitoring afib is really important.” Tom Yen, usability expert with Zoll Medical “It is really important that we

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How to Assess Your Risk of Developing AFib?

With atrial fibrillation (AFib) becoming so much more prevalent among the aging population and visible with all the advertising seen on TV for the new anticoagulants, it’s natural to wonder if you or any of your loved ones (husband, wife,

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Experts recommend screening for Atrial Fibrillation to reduce risk of stroke and death

New afib research from Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, demonstrates the importance of screening for atrial fibrillation. Screening for asymptomatic atrial fibrillation (AF or afib) in people aged 65 and over and treating it with anticoagulant medications

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Comparing ECG and EKG Remote Monitors

Afib, remote monitoring, living with afib

If you are wondering about which ECG / EKG monitors work well, Dr. James Grier from North Dakota State University gives a good overview of handheld ECG monitors including AfibAlert, AliveCor, Dimetek, and others.  

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