5 Ways to Enjoy Summer with Afib!

Whether you’re having fun in the sun at a faraway destination or trying to keep cool at home, safety is always a priority if you have atrial fibrillation.  Keep your Afib in check by following these helpful hints to ensure you enjoy the most out of your summer!

  1. Keep to Your Regular Medication Schedule

Although the summer season drives us to relax in the sun and adventure outdoors, sticking to your regular medication schedule is one of the best ways to make sure your cardiac rhythms are regulated.  If you’re traveling, bring a little extra in addition to your normal dosage of your medication just in case, and don’t forget you’re portable AfibAlert home-monitoring device!  AfibAlert gives medical grade EKG readings to ensure that your atrial fibrillation is in check, giving you peace of mind to have fun in the sun instead of frequenting the hospital all summer.

  1. Get Your Steps In!

Summer’s warm weather makes it so much easier to get outside! To reduce your risk of blood clots and stroke partake in some light physical activity to keep active and increase blood flow. If you’re taking a plane to your travel destination make sure to stretch your legs and drink lots of water, high altitudes can exacerbate heart arrhythmias so taking the necessary precautions can help ensure you have a safe and relaxing flight.

  1. Join the Hydration Nation

Warm temperatures and UV exposure during the summer months can increase the effects of dehydration, a known trigger for Afib and heart arrhythmias.  Follow the 8×8 rule (8x8oz cups) to help get your daily recommended water intake!  Keep in mind that nothing replaces water as a hydrating agent, so instead of going right for that second drink have a glass of water in-between to stay hydrated, healthy, and to keep your Afib in check.

  1. Know Your Info

Knowing and being able to communication information about your medical condition is imperative when living with Afib, and is especially important when traveling.  If you’re on vacation this summer make sure you have your primary care physician’s contact information on hand, are aware of medical centers near your destination, and know your medication dose, type and frequency in case of emergency.  You may want to consider wearing a medical ID bracelet to clearly identify your medical condition and make sure to update your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts to ensure your safety in a new environment.

  1. Eat, Drink & Be Merry, In Moderation

Don’t get lackadaisical with your heart healthy diet!  Stick to healthy foods and drink lots of fluids in higher temperatures and while on vacation.  Take advantage of this season’s produce and stock up on local fruits and veggies; they’re chock-full of vitamins and minerals, low-sodium and high in fiber content which helps fuel your body and kick start your metabolism.  Although we all love a piña colada by the pool, excessive alcohol intake can exacerbate cardiac symptoms, so regulate and hydrate!

Adapted from WebMD, MAYO Clinic & Everyday Health

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