Five Easy Ways To Improve Your Life With Afib Today

With the holidays long behind us, and resolutions in full swing, it can be useful to check in to reevaluate your New Year’s goals or even add something new to your regime. Living with Afib gives you all the more reason to maintain your health and keep a close eye on it. Here, I’ve gathered some of my favorite healthy life tips that can be helpful to both those with or without Afib:

We all deal with stress

But it can be especially important to manage if you have Afib, as it can trigger episodes and be hard on the heart. This article contains some very simple steps to dealing with stress that can easily be incorporated into your busy life.

Regular exercise is key

Having Afib means it’s even more important to keep up with regular exercise. It can be challenging to determine what your heart is up for, but this list contains several ideas for staying healthy whether you already are an active person, or just looking to start up.  And, if you’re looking to boost both mental and physical activity, yoga is the activity for you. This article explains both the benefits of the practice for people with Afib, and a few moves to get you going. Namaste.

Keep your mind sharp

It may slip your mind, but it’s just as important to keep your brain sharp is it is your physical health. Research has suggested a relationship between Afib and cognitive memory decline. Luckily, this article contains some easy solutions to keeping your mind sharp that you may already be doing daily.

You are what you eat

One of the simplest ways to feel healthier is by adding some new heart healthy options to your diet. This list includes 25 delicious foods that you can either use to swap out with an ingredient, or add to your favorite recipes to give it an added heart healthy boost.

Have an upbeat heartbeat

Research shows that having an optimistic outlook on life can directly affect your cardiovascular health. Optimism can also have a positive effect on your physical health and mental health, and overall, can lead to a more satisfying, healthy, life. If you find yourself to be sitting on the opposite side of the optimism spectrum, this article will provide you with tips on how to change your outlook, and why it’ll change you.

These tips are provided as a supplement to maintain or control Afib and its symptoms. As with all health issues, it’s important to seek professional medical attention if you have any serious issues, concerns, or questions about starting any of the above mentioned exercises.

A 23 year-old midwesterner living in sunny Southwest Florida.

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